Beatles in Your Soul


9 July 2017   |   192 pages


This project began about three years ago. Mike Montana (creator of the Facebook page The Beatles’ Universe) and I were writing essays about various Beatle songs and albums. We worked well together, and had a blast doing them. The Beatles Universe responded from all parts of the world, each with different Beatle-shaped viewpoints and memories. It was the “from around the world” part that turned me on to compiling people’s thoughts. After all, The Beatles weren’t only big in America or England. Wouldn’t it be interesting to hear from someone who grew up in Finland, The Netherlands, Malaysia, Canada (barely?), China (yes, China), or Mexico? And what of Australia where the impact was the biggest of all? I set out to encapsulate how The Beatles affected the world, regardless of age or nationality.

Reader, this is your book. You might be in it. I hope it brings back at least one second of The Beatles alive and well.


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