DENNIS ALSTRAND is the author of three books, including the bestseller The Beatles and Their Revolutionary Bass Player. He loves writing about The Beatles and the impact they have had on our lives over the years. As Dennis likes to say, “The Beatles affected the world, regardless of age or nationality.” And even though the last time all four of The Beatles were in the studio together was back in 1969, their music continues to have an impact on the world. Their songs are timeless.

In 2015, Dennis stepped away from The Beatles to write Mood Down Curtain Up. A fascinating look at the rollercoaster life of Mark Shipley. The book chronicles Mark’s effort to, as he put it, “stay one step ahead of depression, my destroyer.” The book is filled with life lessons, along with the occasional celebrity encounter—the Marilyn photo, Janet Leigh’s yacht, as well as a few others.

Dennis started playing a Kent bass his mother bought for him in 1969. It was an intense but easy experience to become adept at the instrument, especially with heroes such as Paul McCartney, Jack Bruce and Chris Squire as role models. He still plays to this day (along with guitar and piano) and lives with his wife Sandi in the Puna district of the Big Island of Hawaii.

He loves to converse with fellow Beatles’ fans and can be contacted at