The First Love Affair

After talking with hundreds of fans, I’ve learned that The Beatles affected everyone in many different ways. But there is one thing that seems to remain a constant with most people: The Beatles were our First True Love. You might remember with a little rush of excitement the first time you kissed a girl or boy. And, no matter what age you were, you may have a tinge of a thrill thinking about some of the things you did (I’ll leave that to you), and you may feel a feeling of regret at the moment you had to say goodbye.

But with most of us, falling under the spell of The Beatles was like getting smacked hard. I mean really walloped. Wham! I’m talking about the kind of wallop where you want to leave home. For people in England, it might have been the first time the sounds of “Love Me Do” or “Please Please Me” zinged out from their radio speakers. In Canada, it was “She Loves You” that caused people to want to stand up and shout (no mean feat). In Australia and America, many tried but few were able to resist even the opening to “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”

Whatever and however it happened, it did happen.

I do know one thing. On July 6th, 1957 at that church hall in Woolton, John and Paul met each other. And for one infinitesimal moment in the Cosmos, the Universe stuttered, and was changed for all time.

~ Robbie Thornton

I am so proud to be a part of that 60’s generation. The world changed right before our eyes. The music, the culture, the politics, everything. The Beatles were a force to be reckoned with. Some songs were banned, some folks (especially Southern and I am) wanted to burn and did burn their records after John’s infamous remark about Jesus Christ. But nothing could stop them. They were like a huge ocean wave crashing against the shore. They gave the youth courage . . . courage to stand up for what one believed, courage to defend and demand our rights, courage just to be free and to be one’s self.

~ Laura Robinson Neil