The Beatles in Liverpool

My heart lies most strongly with those who were there at ground zero, in Liverpool, and bore witness to the birth and growing power of the band. We, the rest of the world, can only shake our heads and realize it would have been something to see them in person then: Excitement, powerful music, John Lennon giving big winks to jealous boys and starting fights.

Mary Squires grew up in Liverpool and still lives there today. She and her school friends would talk about this “great group that appeared at local halls and clubs.” But she never actually got to see them back in the day. “I would have given my right arm to have seen them but with very strict parents, I was not allowed to see them at all. To this day it is my greatest regret.”

It was the Liverpudlians who watched as they left behind their leather rocker images and moved on to being a professional, suit-wearing pop band. They had given their hearts to the boys. As the records started to come, there was a blind faith amongst many that The Beatles would stay their own forever. The Beatles’ star was rising and their hometown folks gathered tighter around them.

But their leaving had to happen eventually. The Beatles were just getting too big to stay, and, in the summer of 1963, they moved to London.

It must have been heartbreaking knowing that their world would now have a Beatle-shaped void. “I hadn’t thought of it, but that’s right,” says Maxwell Martello. “It wasn’t just that The Beatles were leaving, but they were going to London of all places. Seriously.” What did those southern snobs know about true love anyway?!