Everyone who had a heartbeat that lived in America on February 9th, 1964 remembers Sullivan. You don’t even need to say the whole name. Just “Sullivan.” We were all there in our living rooms watching, and I’m convinced that the word “charisma” was invented to describe their presence on those shows. The following responses are centered around the Ed Sullivan appearance.

Darcie Reed remembers, “. . . then came the big night! I was in love. Paul was my first crush and the admiration has never stopped!”

Kalyan Valerie Meloa had been waiting for that show in great anticipation. “That night came! I was sitting on a stool that was right in front of the TV. Ed introduced The Beatles and Paul began to sing ‘All My Loving.’ I fell right off the stool and stayed glued to the TV until the show was over. My life changed that night.”

Robert Black was only three, but that didn’t matter. “My mom said I just went right up to the TV set and started dancing.”

JoAnn Grubbs joined the millions sitting inches from the screen. “I loved their voices; I loved their hair; I loved their beautifully tailored English suits; I loved the sound of their guitars; I loved everything about them.”

Kenneth Herman was sixteen and living in The Bronx. He saw a picture of The Beatles in Life magazine that “referred to this new rock & roll group as The Beatles. The Beatles? What a strange name for a group! But I immediately recognized the spelling. How clever and original I thought. Little did I realize the wondrous ride they would take me on. Their performances on the Sullivan show that night were simply incredible. Their music, creativity, influence, and their endurance make this now 68 year old smile.”

Some parents are easy going and some are strict. Then there are some who go beyond strictness and are borderline sadistic. That’s what I was thinking when my friend Gregg Nicely told me about his close call with the Sullivan show. “My dad hated The Beatles and would absolutely not let me even watch their appearance on Ed Sullivan. I was lucky enough to have a small TV in my room and that is where my mom and I watched.” Without that little TV, how different might life have been for Gregg.