In our distant past, a tidal wave swept from Liverpool out through the world. It affected us as none other had before. Now, we can only look back. Just one second is all we ask: One passing moment of those Beatles being back together again. Well, your Beatle moment is in this book, somewhere. As you read on, a long discarded memory will open its door and walk into the sunshine again. But read with care. You might find yourself laughing again at something you had long ago forgotten. Or your moment might be filled with bittersweet memories, as it did with my wife Sandi. I happened to walk into the room and found her in tears, reliving the death of John Lennon. It was an incident she had suppressed all of these years.

This project began about three years ago. Mike Montana (creator of the Facebook page The Beatles’ Universe) and I were writing essays about various Beatle songs and albums. We worked well together, and had a blast doing them. The Beatles Universe responded from all parts of the world, each with different Beatle-shaped viewpoints and memories. It was the from around the world part that turned me on to compiling people’s thoughts. After all, The Beatles weren’t only big in America or England. Wouldn’t it be interesting to hear from someone who grew up in Finland, The Netherlands, Malaysia, Canada (barely?), China (yes, China), or Mexico? And what of Australia where the impact was the biggest of all? I set out to encapsulate how The Beatles affected the world, regardless of age or nationality.

I’m sad to say that two countries are not represented in this book: Japan and the Philippines. I had contact with only one person who was in Japan back in the day, but received no response. I know a number of elder Filipinos/Filipinas. The aftermath of The Beatles’ infamous decision to decline a dinner party thrown by Imelda Marcos is imbedded deep in The Beatles’ memory, but none of my Filipino friends remember it. They barely remember The Beatles.

Paul McCartney has said that he no longer reads Beatle books because they’re always inaccurate. Paul, I wish you would read this one. Ringo, too. It cannot be inaccurate because these are our thoughts and memories. These are our love-letters to you along with John, George, Stu, Pete, Brian, the other George, and everybody who was involved in bringing us the dream. And sorry, John, but in compiling this book I’ve discovered that the dream is not over. The tidal wave that the four of you created over fifty years ago has not quite receded yet.

I recommend that you get your Beatles record collection ready as you read the book, especially the sections on the songs and the albums. We’re going in depth!

Reader, this is your book. You might be in it. I hope it brings back at least one second of The Beatles alive and well.

I think I’ve become so interested in this book because not only is Beatlemania the central pillar of my life, but I know it is for others too! I want people to realize that Beatlemania is a true part of their life and that they should embrace it and be proud! Don’t hide it, there’s so many of us in the world!

~ Robyn Perry